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We have French Bulldog Puppies for Sale

We have 5 French Bulldog Puppies! (4 female & 1 male)

Born October 25, 2019

Site was updated Nov. 18, 2019

turning 8 weeks old December 20, 2019

(Calypso & Tesla's litter)

For consideration & prices contact the breeder Gwen (727)-906-9067 

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Education prior to purchasing a French Bulldog Puppy is extremely


Why should you consider a puppy from

Because I breed for the educated & well informed that want a quality,

happy & extremely healthy AKC French Bulldog puppy at a fair price

About Us


Experienced Breeder

My name is Gwendolyn Styers. I am a licensed breeder through Pinellas Animal Control for past 14 years. My license number is #49. I breed only AKC French Bulldog Puppies in my home/ kennel. We are located in the Tampa Bay, Florida  (close to Skyway Bridge, Sarasota, St. Petersburg, Tampa & Bradenton). If you can't come to the Sunshine State, I will hand deliver to any US airport. 

French bulldog breeders at Happy Kennels

Happy, Healthy Bloodline

I have been able to be in same location w/ same name & license because I do have a healthy & happy  4X Westminster French Bulldog bloodline. Along with being a very well established legal breeder, I run a very honest & straight forward business breeding french bulldog puppies for sale.  I am very protective of my bloodline; hence, why I am very fussy where and with whom my pups go.

NY Times article states it is estimated to cost $40,000 to own a French Bulldog. Bloodline is the most important factor when owning a French Bulldog. A healthy French Bulldog bloodline is key! Breeding rights are NOT given. I will always be here for my pups and or help to their families. 

We do NOT breed blue, lilacs , merle or any other fad colors. Brindle, cream, fawn, pied & red ONLY. Red is not a fad color. Many have diluted the color in breeding so much that people normally recognize only the cream.

French Bulldog stud

A Furever Friend

There is a reason why French Bulldog puppies have become so many folks favorite dog. Any first timers, I promise you will understand within a week of having one.  They are people pleasing manipulators with unconditional love.  They know how to work a crowd or individual. First week around new environment, they are so good and study everything you may like or dislike and they will remember it.  Bullheaded, clownish, mischievous, lover baby, couch potato is just a start to their shenanigans. They will end up knowing you better than you know you and make you laugh, cry and proud maybe all in the same day.  For an emotional support animal, there is no better choice. They are a natural as long as they had a proper upbringing. Along with very little grooming and exercise required, they will charm you with their le chic.       


My Blog Blog will give you important info regarding many French Bulldog  issues 

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