french bulldog puppies for sale


All Happy Kennels French bulldog puppies start crate training at about 5 weeks of age. About 6 to 7 weeks of age, they start learning to use the doggy door.  All of our puppies run and play freely inside a fenced in yard. Advanced training includes puppies learning to swim to the steps of an in ground pool. All French Bulldog puppies learn pool safety at Happy Kennels. 

Note: The French bulldog breed by nature are not built to swim, so no French Bulldog should be brought to a new home with no knowledge of what a pool is!!

For out of town folks, ask about a face time tour & introduction to Happy Kennels!!!

Chinka and Jean Claude's french bulldog puppies whelped 5-22-19 turn 8 weeks 7/10/19

Chinka's 5/15/2019 litter

AKC French bulldog puppies for sale

Chinka & Jon Claude's litter. From left to right is Lassie, Marley & Snoopy

Chinka pied Dam

pied French bulldog  dam of litter

Chinka is our helicopter mom/ alpha female. Extremely smart, bossy & pushy pied. Chinka rules Happy Kennels. 

Jean Claude red Sire

AKC red French Bulldog sire of litter

Jean Claude is a gentlemen with a very wide head and broad chest. His genes are a very dominate red that shows up in all the pups he sires'. 



Fawn Red Male Whelped 5-15-19 

Mr Snoopy the snuggler should be called Mr Mild. Mild & mellow is this little fellow.




 red Male Whelped 5-15-19

Mr Lassie is an outgoing hotshot of a Frenchy. He is red & proud of it. Looking for a showoff, Lassie is a star



cream french bulldog puppy for sale

Cream Female Sold

Lita Bug & Ranger Whelped 5-22-2019 turn 8 weeks 7/17/19

Lita's 5/22/2019 litter

AKC french bulldog puppies for sale

Lita & Ranger's litter from left to right

Daiquiri, Cosmo, Martini, Beau & Pina Colada


dam of the litter of AKC french bulldog puppies for sale

Lita is brindle daughter of DaVinci & Chinka. Short & stout little tea pot can't be tipped over. Tough & naturally a little mommy personality


Ranger is sire of litter of french bulldog puppies for sale

Ranger is a pied & typical sweetheart bully. Exremely short & stout. 



Cream male whelped 5-22-2019

They call me Cosmo cause I will love ya to the moon n back. Jimmy & Phelps are cream males in my bloodline..  tells ya I'm gonna be a looker




Brindle female whelped 5-22-2019

The daughter of Lita & Ranger


Pina Colada


Cream/ Pied female whelped 5-22-2019

Might not have any physical markings yet BUT I have tons of personality. Curiosity & demanding are some of my finest traits




 Brindle female whelped 5-22-2019

My name may be Martini but I prefer Champagne. I love to explore & follow the bigger pups anywhere



pied french bulldog puppy

Pied male whelped 5-22-2019

The daughter of Lita & Ranger



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Reserve Deposits are a non refundable fee. Reserve deposits will only be excepted by pre-approved person or persons for a pup in the immediate upcoming litter. If paying completely by PayPal an additional 5% will be added to the cost to cover Paypal fees. We except all major credit cards & use most electronic banking such as Venmo & Zelle.