Tiffany & Nikola French Bulldog Puppies for sale

Tiffany & Nikola French Bulldog Puppies for sale

Tiffany & Nikola French Bulldog Puppies for saleTiffany & Nikola French Bulldog Puppies for saleTiffany & Nikola French Bulldog Puppies for sale

Happy Kennels Dams

AKC brindle french bulldog dam

Lita "LeeLee"

Lita is our newest breeder. She is a brindle female with white markings. She is the daughter of Chinka and DaVinci. She has a calm not dominate caring disposition. She resembles her mother, Chinka in her nurturing everyone at Happy Kennels. Lita recently delivered her first litter May 22, 2019.

brindle french bulldog dam

Destiny "Lu Lu"

Destiny is DaVinci and Chinka's daughter. She is a brindle female with white markings. Her sister from a separate liter is Lita. Destiny has a strong domineering personality. Definitely our female alpha. She ensures everyone engages in a game of tag as they run their morning laps around the yard. She is lead Dam currently at Happy Kennels. Destiny has  had 2 previous liters, 1 litter annually. Undetermined if Destiny will have a 2019 liter. 

red french bulldog dam

Calypso "Callie" or "Swagy"

Calypso is the daughter of Destiny and Jean Claude. She is a very dark red female with white markings. Although she has grown up with Lita she remains a kid at heart. Calypso is very youthful and playful with an energetic charisma. She is an up and coming breeder at Happy Kennels.

pied french bulldog dam


Chinka is a pied female. She is our senior breeder "Mama Bear" at Happy Kennels. She is very laid back and relaxed but don't mess with anyone or her protective nature kicks in and she ensures the safety and peace. Chinka recently had a litter May 15, 2019.

brindle french bulldog dam

Itsy Bitsy

Itsy is a brindle female. She is the daughter of Pepe & Sassy. Her pups include DaVinci & Sidney aka Fatty Patty. Itsy was an amazing lady. She took over as Alpha female when both Sassy & Winky retired out. She ran this kennels & all the dogs in it. An amazing girl.


pied french bulldog dam


Winky is one of the original French Bulldogs that made me fall so in love with Frenchies. Obviously a pied with lots of charactor. Her infamous pups are the Bad Ass Boyz litter w/ Jimmy & Pepe. Tootie was from her first litter of pups & Chinka was from her last.

brindle french bulldog dam


Bridgette was a brinde female that really bossed her brother around. Very bossy girll like her mother. Bridgette is Jean Claude's litter mate and the daughter of Diamond & DaVinci. My young stud about to get his start is Nikola Tesla the son of Bridgette. 

brindle french bulldog dam

Minnie & Prissy

Minnie & Prissy were litter mates and the daughters of Travlen Spendabuck of Lyerly & Sassy. Blaze was Minnie's most famous pup. My two miniature females Minnie & Prissy were every bit as much of Bad Ass Girls as Mickey's litter to Winky the Bad Ass Boyz. Tough little ladies to say the least.

cream french bulldog dam


Our cream lady Lily is the daughter of Buffy & granddaughter of Sassy. She was best known as Lily Willie cause as sweet as she looked, Lily Willie liked to play harder.  Buffy was the daughter of Jimmy & Sassy. 

brindle french bulldog dam

Sassy aka Sassafrass

Sassy & Winky were the Original French Bulldogs here in my home. I fell in love with the potbelly pig that was a canine. From upsetting the breeder I went on a hunt for what she called a French Bulldog. After tons of homework & searching, I came home w/ Sassy & Winky. Sassy loved having puppies. Infamous Sassy pups were Itsy, Fatty Patty, Ying, Minnie & Prissy. She had strong gene. Her look alikes are  DaVinci & Bridgette.

brindle french bulldog dam

Sidney/ Fatty Patty

Sidney aka Fatty was a gorgeous french bulldog girl & daughter of Sassy & Jimmy, Fatty was often mistaken as a boy. Fatty & Ying were both Jimmy's daughters & the best looking female French Bulldogs I have ever seen. Jimmy's grandfather was titled #1 French Bulldog. Jimmy's grandfather would have been proud of his granddaughters Fatty & Ying BIG Time! Fatty's son is Phelps. Jimmy's look alike replacement when he retired.

brindle french bulldog dam


Buffy was Jimmy's brindle daughter w/ Sassy. Buffy Buffet was her nickname. She was a small girl but loved to eat..much like Lita Bug does now. Buffy loved puppies especially Lily Willie & her Jimmy Buffet hat as seen here. Last daughter was Lady Gaga & Buffy retired with her daughter & their new family in Norfolk Virginia

pied french bulldog dam


Ying was Sassy's & Jimmy's daughter. She was the perfect looking French Bulldog bitch. Ying drew a line in the sand. Daughter of Sassy & granddaughter of Winky. She looked and was tough like Winky, but ran Sassy's little clan of daughters. Ying put thee T in tough. Retired early cause of alpha's spot belonged to Winky, but she was an absolute beauty.

fawn red french bulldog dam


Diamond is Minnie & Bently's daughter. Diamond was the first cream I had that turned red by the time she was 6 months.  She was a very bossy small package of attitude. Her infamous pups are Bridgette, Jean Claude & the Champ. Diamond is now the fancy pants that goes by the name June and rides on the fancy horse driven carriages.

pied french bulldog dam

Tootie Fruity

OMG I miss this girl. Tootie Fruity was a pup from the first litter of French Bulldogs ever bred by me & the daughter of Winky.  Tootie is very old in this photo. She spent 12 1/2 years attached to my hip often not getting photographed cause she was to close. She was Pepe's wife. Infamous pups are Mikie & Sidhatha. Sidhartha is the original red french bulldog.