Tiffany & Nikola French Bulldog Puppies for sale

Tiffany & Nikola French Bulldog Puppies for sale

Tiffany & Nikola French Bulldog Puppies for saleTiffany & Nikola French Bulldog Puppies for saleTiffany & Nikola French Bulldog Puppies for sale

Sires/ stud

red akc french bulldog stud

Nikola Tesla

The dark red man is our Nikola Tesla & our up coming stud. He is the son of Bridgette & Willie and the grandson of Diamond. 

red french bulldog stud

Jon Claude

Jean Claude is Mr Couch Potato till the girls are in heat & then he becomes Big Red. Huge head & chest but high in Serotonin like Blaze, which keeps them looking scrawny. Son of Diamond & DaVinci, Jean Claude is Bridgette's brother & litter mate & Calypso dad. Jean Claude loves him some Destiny. He is often found dreaming he gets the tall beauty.

cream french bulldog stud / sire


Can you tell who his grandfather is? Phelps is the son of Fatty Patty & Blaze making Jimmy his grandfather. He replaced Jimmy when Jimmy retired. Phelps was Bridgette's husband & she was the love of his life. Phelps always loves taking care of the young puppies. He doesn't care if their his or not. When the pups get older, he lets the girl pups boss him around.

brindle french bulldog stud sire


DaVinci is the son of Itsy & Blaze. When Pepe was retired, DaVinci took his place. DaVinci was the second Alpha male we had her at Happy Kennels. He made everyone pay respect to Jimmy & senior alpha Pepe. Honestly unless he was standing next to Bridgette you could tell right away which one it was. Infamous pups are Bridgette, Jean Claude, Lita & Destiny. 

red french bulldog stud sire


Blaze was the son of Minnie & Sidhartha. He was a puppy machine! He once got 4 bitches pregnant all by himself. Yeah, dude was the little Red Fox but born a puny little fragile looking pup. Couch Potato much like Jean Claude but dang did he want to take Pepe on ALL the TIME! He thought since he fathered so many pups, he earned the title as Alpha. Extremely tough little dude did take Pepe's ear down.  Had to retire Blaze him with his own little harem. Blaze caught everyone's attention. Especially the ladies.

brindle french bulldog stud sire

Travlen Spendabuck of Lyerly aka Mickey

Travlen came to live with us when his mama Helen got sick her 2nd battle w/ cancer. Mickey came from a long bloodline of Westminster AKC Champions. Travlen himself was in the show ring world until a crate collapsed on him and injured his eye. Mickey loved Skittles when he went to the vets for stud services & found it mandatory. Travlen sired the Bad Ass Boyz litter (Jimmy, Pepe, Sweetie Petie & Pretty Boy) & the Bad Ass Girlz (Minnie & Prissy). He was my greatest find & contribution to our bloodline.

brindle french bulldog stud sire


Pepe was our retired Alpha that passed at the beginning of 2019 at 12 years old. He was Winky & Travlen's son. Jimmy's litter mate, father of Itsy & husband to Tootie. Pepe was the ugliest french bulldog pup ever. He was fugly. As he grew, he bloomed into the bulkiest & gorgeous example of of a masculine French Bulldog. He had huge muscles w/ the largest  head & chest I have ever seen on a French Bulldog. Pepe was the strength of Happy Kennels.

cream french bulldog stud sire


Danielle's brother, my real boy, french bulldog sire to Sidney & Sidthartha, son of Winky & Travlen Spendabuck of Lyerly. Also known to my grandkids as the pool monitor. Jimmy was always Bravo in command to Pepe until my accident. Then my good looking boy became all ruling boss of Happy Kennels. Itsy ran pool house and Jimmy rules Supreme over all. Tootie & Pepe listened to his big speech & fell in under Jimmy's rule.

red french bulldog stud sire


Sidhartha/Pumpkin/Punky was our original red man. He was Tootie & Jiimy's son. Blaze was his legacy.  Punky & Minnie's boy Blaze carried our infamous DD gene into what it is today. Punky was a big sweetheart. He was the only male French Bulldog that loved puppies like Phelps does.