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Trained, Healthy, AKC French Bulldogs

Sometimes my French Bulldogs when retiring want more than I am able to give them. As breeder they got lots of special attention. Once they retire, they may become not so thrilled to be here. When I see this happen, I offer them to very select homes. Most of all, these homes need to be the best place for the retiring Frenchy & the Frenchy has to approve. They are are best, healthiest & loving French Bulldogs & make excellent Emotional  Support dogs.


Jean Claude is retiring

Jean Claude is a gorgeous dark red retiring stud French Bulldog . Jean loves the ladies, the couch and sleeping in the humans' bed. Jean is an extremely mild tempered man. He is a no fuss kind of couch potato. He really isn't one for long walks. Only time Jean Claude likes getting up for is the ladies. He is great for showing off in your home. available 8/6/19


Chinka is retiring

Chinka has been an excellent french bulldog mother. She is the last daughter from the infamous Winky. She is tired of being  breeder though. Chinka is ready for a life of luxury and to be retired . She is getting her shape back but wants it to remain this time. Looking for someone that will get her French manicure & spa days done regularly. Extreme pampering is mandatory. Available 8/6/19